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Understanding Inside Sales and Lead Generation

August 2, 2017

What is Inside Sales and Lead Generation? We believe these are strategic ways for a company to maximize their outreach without the expense of travel. Don't get me wrong, outside sales is extremely strategic to companies that fit that model. However, Inside sales/lead gen fits every model. If you don't have an inside/lead gen sale presence you're at a disadvantage.  Most established companies already have this in place. The most important thing when setting up an inside sales/lead gen team is to decide  on quantity or quality. some business models and product line actually benefits from either/or. If your company generates a lot of leads internally and your ISR/LG reps are mostly doing warm calls (leads that reach out to you) then you should focus on quality only 25-50 calls a day depending on how many reps you have and how many leads your getting. The reason why is because warm leads needs to be qualified. The reps have to spend time on the phone understanding if this is a good fit or to disqualify the lead.

Don't incentivize with a the per leads method, you're only encouraging your reps to pass off garbage. If you do choose that method make sure you only pay for leads that fit a certain qualification criteria.

If your business is very transnational (fast paced sales) or you're in startup mode and just need dialers aka telesales well in that case the machine gun approach will work as well or in some cases may be the best route to go. This is where 50-100+ calls comes into play. If you're selling anything commodity based that can be a quick yes or no answer then smile and dial but on the contrary if your selling solutions and technical services it will require a bit more than smile and dial. Come up with 3-5 questions to ask you prospect. These questions must relate to a service or solution/s your product can solve. That's it! ask your prospect for a minute of his time to ask a few questions to see if we're even a fit. If he says no re-assure him it's just a few questions and you can even send them in a n email if he doesn't have the time now. Always respect the prospects time. If you haven't engaged him in the first 30 seconds or less then just apologize for the interruption and ask if you could follow up later or send an email. Not everyone will answer right back or at all. But when you play the numbers game coupled with strategy and experience art becomes science.

The flow of the ISR/LG pipeline. It's start out as a call or email, then it becomes a prospect if you get a response saying yes I'm interested now or call me back in ? amount of time. No response stays on your call list but keep extending the follow up time if you're not getting a response. You can even verify if they're still with the company from time to time.

ISR/LG reps, CRM tools should be your best friends. I know every company has some very inefficient requirements for their CRM tools. Sometimes there are very valid reasons for these requirements and sometimes there's not. It's important for every company to get feedback on the tools they're using and the procedures they have to follow. As a company it's important to encourage your team to challenge tradition respectfully to develop innovation and growth. CRM tools used effectively will allow you to stay in touch even when you forget, it will also allow you to track and keep up with important task and overdue task.

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